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Torcrescenza castle, also known as ‘ Castle della Crescenza’ is surrounded by green, a secular park in the north side of Rome enclosed by Parco di Roma Golf Club. This splendid estate, still inhabited by an ancient titled household, rich in it’s history and patrimony of artworks is kept under the tutelage of the department of beaux-arts. The castle was commissioned by marquis Francesco Crescenzi to be erected nearby an ancient sighting turret dating back 1100 ac. The castle itself was then expanded thorough the middle age, when the family took possession of the surrounding land and therefore became necessary to build a fortified castle in a strategic position. The principal structure dates back to the ‘400, but was over time expanded and changed through the ages. The castle of Crescenza has the classical facade, with two squared towers on it’s sides decorated with ghibelline merlon. The drawbridge that was once necessary to cross a moat, allows access to the first court trough a majestic gate. Insiste the court one is immediately fascinated by the sound of water and the beautiful fountains. The second court is characterised by the ‘400 portico structure in peperino surrounding an a ancient well in stone once actively used for the castle’s everyday needs. In the 20th century the two courts were covered by a glass and steel structure to create an evocative and romantic “jardin d’hiver”. This structure, as well as it’s own great aesthetic value, permits the use of all of the castle spaces, both in the warm seasons as well as the cold ones. Literature tells us of many artists, painters, operating within the castle, most notably the disciples of Giulio Romano (15th century), and the pupils of the Zuccari school (17th century). Great masters, known all over the world have been inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of this estate, capturing the castle and it’s surrounding lands in their famous landscape paintings. Among the most known foreign artist we should mention Nicolas Poussin, Jean Baptiste Corot e Claude Lorrain.

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