Ancient Fountains of Torcrescenza Castle

Since ancient times fountains have been fundamental to architecture and the decorative arts. An indication of the socio-economic power of their proprietor expressed in their beauty and monumentality. Trough the centuries numerous architects, hydraulic-engineers, and artists have therefore been called upon to build splendid fountains inside parks, castles, villas, and historical residences with the intention to amaze visitors with innumerable water effects, such as waterfalls, streams and cascades. The ancient fountains surrounding the Castle of Torcrescenza, built by Marquise Francesco Crescenzi, are supplied by an underground spring, the very same that in ancient times provided for the Castle’s everyday water needs.
Following the landscape downhill, the water in the fountains first gathers in a large central pool that trough gentle cascades falls onto small steps into two impressive rectangular pools where water springs out of the mouths of small stone heads, as they did in classical times. Framing the water display are states and architectural features, such as alcoves, a large staircase and stone characters from the myths, fauns, deities and little angels. The fountains are also surrounded by nature, flowers and trees. The sound of water fills the air of a sweet relaxing atmosphere, in harmony with nature making the place even more magical. The fountains are, thanks to their architectural value and beauty suited to lend as photographic sets as well as a fashion runway on the evocative staircase.

During receptions the Bride and Groom can make they entrance trough the impressive staircase or set the cake cutting in front of the fountains.